CEO Inteldis
Elizabeth Frolova

‘Learning approaches vary immensely across different cultures: something I experienced first hand when studying in Russia, and then in the UK. Becoming increasingly aware of the lack of availability to quality education faced by many in our world, as well as the power of education as a whole, the idea of starting my own online English language school was born.

Combined with my degree in Economics and Finance, the experience of teaching English at an international school in Oxford eventually helped to make that dream come true. My aim with Inteldis is to help people gain access to modern and relevant knowledge without leaving home.’

Inteldis is a dynamic, young and fresh UK-based company that offers everyone the chance to take full-fledged online learning. Nowadays, online education is flourishing, because it allows people to improve their knowledge without leaving home – which also happens to be the mission of this project.

Our tutors are qualified and have experience working at world-famous language schools, which is why our school has a high level of professionalism. As a result, our students see their English-skills progress rapidly from day one.

Our company also provides different types of educational courses: as an example, we have a group of British business experts conducting online sessions that cover their disciplines. This type of course would be ideal for someone currently working, or looking to work, in a business setting.

Inteldis was launched in 2018, and has been showing impressive results ever since. We provide an inclusive learning experience together with other students and teachers, to help give you confidence and build professional connections across the world, with our personalised classes.

Inteldis is an abbreviation of Intelligent Disobedience. This concept means doing something right when told to do something wrong. It is the ability to stand your ground when you do not agree with the status quo. Too often within schooling, children are taught to think and behave in stereotypical ways.

Many education systems use outdated, ineffective, and generic teaching methods, which hinder the children from questioning things, expressing their views, and developing in their own unique ways. Intelligent disobedience is the first stage of the new learning process: we must learn to question and analyse all the information that we receive, which will allow us to find new approaches to learning. In our programs, we use our self-developed teaching methods, which help students to quickly improve their level – this means we do not simply teach “according to the textbook”.

Our classes are held in an interesting format, centered around actively engaging with one another, unlike standard classes with a tutor. This approach proves that Inteldis is not just any old English school, but something more:
Inteldis is a community that brings people together, from different countries, but with a common goal – to develop and share experiences, discover new horizons and make new friends.

Each customer of Inteldis ltd has a personal, customised path that is specifically built for their goals, skill level, and pace. We work with professional members of staff to provide an accelerated learning experience with our personalised courses to improve your English communication skills.

We offer our clients the chance to interact and learn from native speakers who are eager to explore all sides of knowledge, and help you bridge the gap between learning and knowing, by bringing you the best English-language experience out there.

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