Join our international network and make connections everywhere

Our exciting Cultural Awareness Sessions will be run by a carefully selected group of UK-natives, who will present you with a variety of different topics to discuss with people from across the world. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to connect with international people from various educational and occupational backgrounds.

On top of expanding your network, and giving you a chance to make new friends, there are several other benefits to these sessions:

For Internationals:
  • An additional chance to practice your English
  • Exposure to many different types of English-accents
  • Learn about foreign cultures
  • Make valuable connections with people from all over the worldLearn more about Scottish and British culture
For UK-natives
  • A chance to make connections
  • Learn about foreign cultures
  • Put Scotland on the map
One of the main goals with these sessions, is to keep Scotland connected to the rest of the world. It is not uncommon in Russia for people to confuse Scotland with Switzerland, or Sweden – that's something we aim to change!

Join our Cultural Awareness sessions today to become a global citizen:
Four sessions each month
Different topics each sessioan
Networking opportunity
Learn about Scotland, and all the other cultures involved
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Why such a price?
We work directly from Britain, our teachers are professional and native speakers. In terms of hours of work, you pay ONLY £9 per hour for quality classes - this is the lowest price on the online education market. We are trying for you, we understand that these are difficult times for many and we strive to create the most effective programme and at the same time, keep the cost down. We believe that absolutely every person should have a chance to get a good education.
How are the lessons going?
Classes are held online in a fun way with lessons being taught by a native teacher from the UK. Our system is absolutely transparent; you can be present at the lessons to make sure that everyone is having fun and learning effectively.
What if the person does not understand the teacher? ?
Before classes, we kindly ask you to take a test to determine your individual ability. We work with every level. For example, if you are at the beginner level, we will not assign you with a native speaker. Instead, you will be assigned to a group where a Russian-speaking teacher will also accompany you.
Will we just sit in front of the computer for 3.5 hours?
Not necessary! Our programmes include a range of different activities such as drawing, singing, dancing, warm-up exercises, outdoor games, challenges, and much more.
How do I sign up
Leave your details so our specialist can contact you to discuss the next stages and choose a suitable date for you to take our online test. We will then choose a group for you based on your individual ability. You pay above on this page. Done! You can start!
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