Our courses

Training and supporting international students, conducting international conferences, collaboration of educational programs, allowing international students to practice speaking

01. Languages

Knowledge of the English language can significantly improve your life. Imagine by knowing world. Get a access to a wider range of information, as well as speaking with people from all parts of the world, get a better job and surprise everyone with your education.

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02. Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management (LAMP) is an international and recognised programme of learning and development. Approved by the UK Chartered Management Institute (CMI) by Subject Matter Experts for Inteldis Limited

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03. My Future Programme

This interactive course is designed to help school leavers and consists of 4 sessions; each session lasting an hour and 30 minutes. Aimed at school leavers who have yet to decide what they want to achieve in the future and those having difficulty deciding between the options that they already have.

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