My Future Programme

This interactive course is designed to help school leavers and consists of 4 sessions; each session lasting an hour and 30 minutes. Aimed at school leavers who have yet to decide what they want to achieve in the future and those having difficulty deciding between the options that they already have.

Take time to think what does work mean to you

Understand your strengths and potential

Think about opportunities and next steps


Aimed at school leavers who have yet to decide what they want to achieve in the future and those having difficulty deciding between the options that they already have.

The course can consist of group activities, games, challenges, and discussions that will help each individual share their hopes and fears for the future and enable them to develop a positive vision of what the future can hold; as well as plan positive actions to pursue individual goals.

Each individual will be given a workbook which they will complete over the course of the programme. This will become a useful reference in the future. It will record their strengths, qualities and attributes that can be applied when making job applications, further learning,or simply as positive affirmation for themselves.

Towards the end of the programme, emphasis will be placed on the importance of being able to align and demonstrate individual competencies with those being asked for by employers.

Increased confidence through participation is the key desired outcome. However, confidence should also stem from the increased self-awareness, improved knowledge, and sense of accountability that the course promotes.

Programme Elements

The programme broadly follows the GROW Model3 , starting by looking at the current Reality, then Options, identifying some immediate ‘Wil Do’s and finally leaving the students with Goals for the future. An overview of the programme is on the next page. Some elements may be changed to suit the needs of the participants and the facilitators will respond flexibly to the group’s questions, needs and issues as they arise.

Drivers and Approach

The labour market is a challenging place for most of us, but for school leavers there can be additional pressures when making the jump from full-time education work, apprenticeships or tertiary education, as they have little or no relevant experience beyond their school experience. Students need to be able to feel confident about taking this step by creating opportunities to understand themselves better. For instance, a lot of employers (e.g. Tesco, L’Oréal, Brother, Adidas ) use psychometric assessment during the recruitment process. It would probably be excessively costly and impractical for schools to use psychometric assessment within its careers advisory function. However, this programme can take aspects of the psychometric approach to help students understand their personalities better and help them think more about their suitability for future job roles or further education. An experiential learning approach is also central to the programme as it encourages learning through reflection and doing. This increased self-awareness will be an asset for students as they move towards the world of work. Note: ‘Work’ will be defined within the workshops not only as paid employment, but any activity that takes steps towards work. Discussion will encompass training, volunteering work, preparation, etc.


Two facilitators, Linda O’Donnell and David Strathearn will support and enable the whole programme. Linda is a Business Psychologist who specialises in psychometric assessment. David has spent the last several years developing and delivering learning and development programmes, particularly in the field of mental health and wellbeing and this has included employability programmes. A more detailed profile of both the facilitators can be found at the end of this document.


Throughout the programme. The Work Book will be added to. This includes a couple of exercises that participants will be encouraged to complete at home. One is a strengths and personal qualities reflection, the other is a goal setting exercise. Both these are integral to and will be drawn upon in the sessions. The Work Book will also contain some key reinforcing messages, hints and tips.

Increased Self-Awareness:

  • Recognition of likes, dislikes, perceptions and aspirations in relation to work.

  • Insight into their attributes, strengths and qualities.

  • Increased value and self-worth.

Improved Knowledge:

  • Greater knowledge of individual options that are available.

  • Understanding how to self promote effectively to others.


  • Sense of responsibility to take next steps for themselves.

  • Creation of a peer network and support for each other beyond the programme itself within Inteldis.

  • Enabled to make decisions, plan and take positive steps about their individual future.

My future program – 4 sessions

£ 80

+ Proof reading and consultancy services

My future program – 4 sessions

£ 130

+ Proof reading and consultancy services

+ Access to all webinars

+ 4 hours of English Lessons