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Help Ukraine


Online English courses for Ukrainian refugees

Due to the horrifying war in Ukraine, many people living there have been forced to leave their
country. The Russian invasion is a horrific atrocity that is causing great loss, suffering and grief.
We understand how challenging emigration is, especially when it is forced. In a new country it
can be very difficult to adapt, get a job, and find friends. Often this transition can be made more
difficult when there is no previous understanding of the language and culture of a new country.
We want to make our own contribution towards easing this dilemma by helping Ukrainians to
master the English language, which is necessary for work and study in the UK.
Our school provides online English courses Ukrainian refugees to help them integrate

Personalised learning

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you personalised learning that suits you. Our courses are designed carefully to boost your existing language knowledge and progress at your speed of learning. As a small, friendly language school, we can tailor lessons to each one of our students. Our flexible approach to communication means you can experience the best way of learning for you.


As a unique language school, we specialise in only having teachers that are native UK speakers to help you understand a variety of accents from across the UK. This is invaluable as we prepare you for connecting with other English speakers across the globe.


We also offer you networking opportunities that not only help you improve your English, but also provide new contacts. Through our unique speaking clubs, you can join communities of students, businesspeople, and enterprises across the globe. Connect to others in the US, Europe, Emirates, and everywhere in between. 


Your voice and learning path matter. Our teaching incorporates equal opportunities for all and we are open to everyone wishing to learn with an online English tutor. With a unique focus on neurodiversity, we support learners from all backgrounds. Through a combination of learning methods, English can be more easily learned by those with dyslexia, Asperger’s syndrome, and other neurodiversity.

what you get?

With this course you can advance your skills in these areas of English:

General English

English language for Ukrainians

By selecting and adapting our courses and vocabulary to suit your business, we provide only
the most necessary knowledge for your employees. Our education is practical and tailored so
that it can be used immediately in work.
After discussing the specifics of your business area with you, we select suitable topics for
learning and find the best ways to teach your employees.
To help people start communicating with natives, we find excellent ways to teach the essential
basics of the language so they can achieve better communication quickly. Thus, these basic
elements include: Common conversation, dialogue, small talks, and written and spoken


How do we work?

In our group classes we provide support for every student, and are ready to answer any
questions and provide assistance.
Our courses are taught in the Russian language and we provide classes with highly qualified
russian-speaking teachers. We know it can be hard, especially as an adult, to begin studying
English as a new foreign language with teachers that are only native English speakers.

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Our Packages

1 Month Course

daily prActice
  • 1-3 times a week
  • Modern British textbooks
  • 1 month course

3 Month Course

daily prActice
  • 1-3 times a week
  • Modern British textbooks
  • 3 months course

Help People From Ukraine

Gifts will be used purely to finance lessons for selected Ukrainians. Those
selected will be people who are not yet employed, are in a difficult life situation, and cannot
cover the lesson costs themselves.
The amount of money donated and number of lessons provided will be reported on the website.
The donations are non-profit and will be used only to cover costs, with no profits going to

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