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An efficient and empowering approach to learning corporate English is tailored for to suit your company employees in our classes. With this course, your teams will acquire exceptional skills needed to carry out high-quality work in the most spoken language in the world.

Our teachers establish individualised learning methods suitable for your company’s teams, ensuring each of your employees thrives throughout our online corporate English training. Your employees will not only gain accurate communication skills in English, but will also benefit from supportive team-building exercises, high levels of interaction, and specific tools to help them maintain this level of English far into the future.

A strong focus on business language in this course ensures your employees will be equipped with the correct linguistic skills to interact directly with clients and partners in a variety of industries all over the world. Company conferences, presentations, meetings, and events can be carried out in English with confidence, thanks to the breadth of vocabulary and grammar tuition we provide in spoken English in our corporate training.

To succeed globally, it is essential for international companies and their employees to communicate in English. Trust Inteldis to support your entire company network in this training.

As well as this high-level course, your company can utilise their new English skills in our highly recommended International Networking Club. Specifically designed for businesspeople, consultants, and experts in their field, you can reach new English-speaking business partners and customers all over the world through our online business community.

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Benefits of The program


Company employees who already have some experience in learning English may join this course. When signing up for this course, please let us know if any of your employees have completed an English course at a Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, or Advanced level.



For companies

Monitoring the progress of training, drawing up impact reports for the CEO, managing the number of lessons and students.


For employees

Convenient learning available anywhere, at any time, from any device. Fully engaged and specialised teacher.

For teachers

Focusing on the work of each individual company at a time, to find a personalised strategy that works best for all parties involved


Absolutely! As a student with Inteldis, you always have the freedom to create a timetable that suits your needs, and to change it whenever necessary.

Yes! The first trial class is provided for free. During the trial class, the teacher will estimate the level of each student. Once that’s determined, s/he will plan the following lessons.

Definitely! The manager of Inteldis will determine the specific needs of your employees, in order to line up the most suitable teachers for your company.

There is no limit to how many students can join our courses. We can start by simply contracting one student, with free access for anyone else to join in when needed.

Each of our classes lasts for 60 minutes. This leaves plenty of time to warm up and get properly into learning, without dragging on for too long – a perfect length for optimal performance!

You will get monthly reports from us. We will draw up the presence of empoyees and their progress

We accept payments made with Euros, US dollars and British Pound Sterling.

Payment options

Full payment

A company pays 100% of the educational tution fee

Partial payment

The company pays between 20% to 80% of the tution fee, the rest is paid by the employee


The company pays nothing, but the employee gets a 25% discount on a tution fee

Student rating

classes per week

1 - 3

minutes duration of a class
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