Online English for people with neurodiversity

Our specialised course supports you in taking the leap into learning a new language! With an individual approach and a considerate, experienced teacher, we help remove the difficulties of learning a language. Our materials and methods of English teaching for dyslexia are perfectly designed to support you and your fellow students in a fun learning experience.

Neurodiversity affects 1 in 7 people in the UK. We understand the essence of this condition and how to make the educational process easier for you. Our aim was to crate one of the top courses in the UK for those with dyslexia to study English.

We use a combination of three methods within our English teaching for dyslexia, learning difficulties, and other neurodiversities: The Orton–Gillingham Method, The Structured Literacy Approach, and a personalized approach with the support of a compassionate teacher. These methods help us assist you in the best way possible to learn to read and write new words, as well as take up the challenge of memorising words. We also support the learning of new sounds and make this fun and enjoyable training for students and kids as well.

It’s time to feel confident in learning a language, and inspire others too!

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Students who already have some experience in learning English may join this course. When signing up for this course, we would be grateful if you can tell us a little bit about your neurodiversity and preferred learning styles in as much detail as you wish, so we can design the course to suit you.

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Upon completion of this course the learner will:


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Our Pricing

Single class

£ 30
(AED 130)
  • 1 time per week
  • modern British textbooks
  • from 6 to 9 months

8 hour course

£ 230
(AED 990)
  • 2 classes per week
  • modern British textbooks
  • from 6 to 9 months

12 hour course

(AED 1510)
£ 350
  • 3 times a week
  • Modern British textbooks
  • from 3 to 6 months

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