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The online sessions in this networking club are purely for businesspeople to connect with one another and network. By joining this dynamic, evolving online space, professionals can access experts in their fields and develop their own work in new ways that would otherwise not be possible.

Our club provides you with the perfect platform for effectively reaching the UK market, and similarly, expanding out of the UK to reach new clients abroad. Businesspeople looking to expand their business overseas can reach new clients, partners, experts, entrepreneurs, and consultants.

In each session, British business experts conduct dialogue based on various disciplines, creating unique opportunities for discussion. We support you in gaining new and important connections with professionals across the world that will add value to your work.

With a background in economics and finance, our CEO understands the value of opportunities for vital links between businesses. Start building your network today while furthering your business English skills.

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What you get

With this club, international businesspeople learning English can develop these areas:



Businesspeople and professionals who already have some English skills may join this course. When signing up for this course, please let us know if you have completed an English course at a Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, or Advanced level. We will ask you a few questions about your professional work background and reasons for joining, and explain the strict guidelines for our language clubs.

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